Today, video security systems are an absolute necessity for any business, large or small. And while cameras have gotten less expensive in recent years, video surveillance systems are still considered significant investments, particularly for large businesses. Updating, maintaining, and improving these systems comes at a significant expense as well, but is necessary to maintain a safe environment for occupants and protect the business against liability.

These expenses are, for the most part, unavoidable for modern businesses – so how can you make the most of these investments?

For years, video analytic add-ons to security systems promised improved detection of specific events. If you purchased enough of them the theory was that businesses could get close to comprehensive protection and coverage. Unfortunately, while these modules can help detect certain incidents in video feeds, these add-ons can also become large expenses and wipe out much of the ROI they promise. From hardware to installation to space and HVAC, recouping these costs could take decades.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence and machine learning applications for the video security industry, like ASTRA, are changing this – improving video security system ROI without the need for extensive resources. Here’s how:

Monitor All Cameras 24/7/365

Anomaly detection solutions offer the power of continuous monitoring of your entire video security system and detect any anomaly in real time. Without the need for specific modules, you can monitor for any anomaly that occurs in a video frame – even ones you weren’t prepared for or didn’t expect to happen – without having to pay for any add on modules.

This real-time detection can also allow security teams to function efficiently with fewer operators. For example, ASTRA uses blank screen monitoring to show operators alerts. This means security teams no longer need individual operators to watch every camera on their system – ASTRA simply presents operators with the anomalies they should review on the blank screen. This also keeps operators more attentive and reduces fatigue.

What’s more, anomaly detection software can even detect things that operators may never have seen, like water ingress, smoke, and other factors that could result in building damage and liability. By making operators aware of these events in real time, they can take mitigation actions faster than ever.

Always Learning

Anomaly detection solutions have the ability to continuously learn and adapt to progressive changes in activity. As seasons change or traffic patterns change, your real-time detection system follows in lock-step. This means that there is no need to purchase any modules or reconfigure your system to detect events in the new environment, resulting in less maintenance and less cost overall.

Low Deployment Cost

Often, deploying new surveillance solutions requires an upfront investment in the form of installation and configuration, and some anomaly detection offerings are no different. Another unique quality of ASTRA is its extremely low deployment cost. Once installed by your expertly trained integrator, ASTRA begins learning and no other configuration is required.

Once the learning period has completed, it goes to work on its own, detecting anomalies in real time. What’s more, ASTRA’s simplicity and seamless integration with existing VMS platforms means that additional operator training isn’t necessary.

Modest Hardware Requirements

Computing hardware to support traditional video analytics (and some anomaly detection solutions) can get expensive. Fortunately, this is not the case with ASTRA – the only lightweight anomaly detection solution on the market today. Using inexpensive, off-the-shelf components, ASTRA is able to offer comprehensive coverage of your video security system for less. Less hardware, less space, less maintenance, less electricity and HVAC. ASTRA imposes little to no load on your existing network, so you can even continue using your existing infrastructure.

SaaS Model

Software as a Service models are great for businesses – they usually require no major upfront cost, and the purchase can be billed as an operating expense, rather than a depreciating capital expense. Anomaly detection solutions are often offered in this form, and ASTRA even includes software updates, bug fixes, and technical support at no additional cost.

Making the most out of your existing video security investment is easy, affordable, and requires limited effort with anomaly detection software – especially ASTRA.

To learn more, contact our sales team and see how it can help your video security investment work harder for you.